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About US

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Mission Statement

MISSION: AGAPE exists to share the love of God in action to people in need.

We strengthen families by overcoming food insecurity and providing solutions for moving from crisis to self-sustainment.

Volunteer carrying boxes.

Who we are:


MISSION: AGAPE changes lives, one person and one community at a time, by:

  • Nurturing a culture of racial equity, personal acceptance, and tangible results

  • Fostering a strong network of community partnerships

  • Advocating for equity in areas of income, race, gender, and disability

  • Providing curated family-strengthening solutions

  • Ensuring accessibility of food and essentials by providing home delivery

  • Recruiting and maintaining dedicated and mission-focused volunteers

  • Systematizing processes to ensure efficiency.


Our Vision is to be a regional leader in resolving food insecurity and providing self-sustainment solutions that enable people of any race, identity, or circumstance to fulfill their potential.

Creating Equity:

Food security intersects with various social justice issues, including income, race, gender, and disability. Marginalized groups often face discrimination and systemic barriers that affect their access to food. Recognizing and addressing these intersecting inequalities is crucial for achieving equity in food security. MISSION: AGAPE is committed to bridging the gaps.

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Board of Directors

Join the Mission. Help us make an impact.

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